Jep Do Tenko
Jep Do Tenko Post BOI
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Jep Do Tenko

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32 BBY




SCUBA trooper private





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Jep Do Tenko or CT-3417 or later IC-20-1412 was a SCUBA trooper cloned in 32 BBY and was assigned to the 617th attack battalion. And later a commando, who fought for the Empire.


When assigned to the 617th, he was first put under the command of aunknown commander, but after the commander retired, Commander Blinder assumed command. During the Battle of Independence Jep was injured very badly, part of his brain was destroyed, and had to be replaced with an AI computer, however Jep still remained classified as Sentient, he became almost numb to most emotions, except loyalty, he was said to be very cold after that, not wanting to be called "Jep" anymore, and insisting on being called by his number, IC-20-1412, or 20, as most of his brothers called him, this was possibly due to his strong personality change. Before this, he tended to not care, and joke around allot, to the extent of annoying everyone nearby, except for his close friend, Sharkbait, However after the accident, most of his fellow clones say they preferred him as he was before.


Sharkbait was a close friend of Jep's, until after the accident, after that he still hung out around Jep, but Jep had no patience for Sharkbait, and sometimes found his rebellious streak dangerous, to the point where he punched Sharkbait so hard, he fell unconscious. Later, at the time of Order 66 Sharkbait tried to protect the Jedi General, but Jep himself shot sharkbiat in the neck, and left him for dead, believing that nothing was more important than the Galactic Republic, and later, the Empire. This blind loyalty was most likely due to the computer part of his brain, it is believed by some, that he was more computer than lifeform.

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