Captain Fallca
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32 BBY






1.83 Meters

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Captain Fallca, or CC-1244/1233, was a clone trooper captain who led Callerfall Company and 2nd Platoon He was known to be friendly and had a good sense of humor, but went into no-nonsense mode during battles.


Battle of Lolan SaquyEdit

During this battle, Callerfall Company was sent to the planet of Lolan Saquy to destroy the droid base there. Fallca took half of his company to sneak through the back, while 2nd Lieutenant Sarig led the other half for a direct assault. Sarig's troops suffered some casualties as they attacked the droid base. The droids had gunnery posts which had BMX-36 Heavy Repeating blasters on them. Meanwhile, Fallca continued to sneak up. They arrived at the back of the large base, and found that all the droids had moved to fight Sarig's forces. They blew apart the doors and entered without a fight. They set charges and escaped as the base exploded. The gunnery posts were destroyed, and half of the droids were crushed by the base's walls. Fallca's troops started firing through the rubble, and the droids were destroyed.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Fallca was a kind and friendly clone who was a also compassionate. He would always try to help any friends when he could. However, when it comes to war, He is very strict, taking no nonsense and jokes.

Fallca looks the same as every clone, with the same high-fade haircut and black hair.

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