Elite Specialty Squads
Created By:



Marshal Commander Zadra

Notable member(s):
  • Major Rhino
  • CTS-2594
Main soldiers:

Elite Clone Troopers



For each specialty type of clone trooper there are ten Elite Specialty Squads. They are commanded by a major. Each squad is commanded by a sergeant, the second-in-command is corporal, and there are eight other soldiers (privates). There are no platoons. All Elite Specialty Squads are commanded by Elite Command commanded by Clone Marshal Commander Zadra.


  • Elite Advanced Recon Commandos (ARC)
  • Elite Advanced Recon Force Troopers (ARFT)
  • Elite Drivers (D)
  • Elite Speeder Troopers (ST)
  • Elite Clone Assassins (CA)
  • Elite Cold Assault Troopers (CAT)
  • Elite Clone Commandos (CC)
  • Elite Clone Engineers (CE)
  • Elite Clone Flame Troopers (CFT)
  • Elite Heavy Weapons Troopers (HWT)
  • Elite Jet Troopers (JT)
  • Elite Medical Troopers (MT)
  • Elite Clone SCUBA Troopers (CST)
  • Elite Clone Scout Troopers (CTS)
  • Elite Paratroopers (CP)

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