Biography Edit

Hound, identified as CC-2399, was one of the commanding officers during the Clone Wars. He led a branch of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps on board the Venator Resurrection in the waning years of the war. He got his name, Hound, from his relentless force and perseverance. Gree battled on several planets, including Dinlo, Rodia, Uba IV, and Geonosis. When order 66 was issued, he helped a large fleet of clones find Jedi around the galaxy.

Battles Edit

Haruun Kal Edit

Hound was assigned to Jedi General Depa Billaba to help him with a special mission. The lieutenant and his battalion were sent to Haruun Kal near the end of the war. The 91st suffered heavy losses, with 70% of his battalion gone and the Jedi General dead, the clones were forced to retreat. Hound and his men would continue to serve in the same unit, with replacement troops on board the Venator Resurrection, where they would stay for the remainder of the war.

Gik Taafga Edit

In 21 BBY, the 91st were deployed to Gik Taafga, where they fought against Separatist droids. However, they were unaware that the Separatists had a new vehicle, called a seismic tank. The tank thundered onto the planet's surface, sending a shockwave throughout the planet, which resulted in heavy casualties. However, Hound managed to survive the encounter. Luckily, the corps' knowledge of vehicles helped them take out the tank by destroying it from the inside. By the time Lightning Squadron arrived for assistance, the first tank had been destroyed and others as well.

Armor Edit

Hound used a variant of Phase II armor which was modified for reconnaissance and stealth purposes. He had red markings on his armor and wore a cloak to help him blend in with his surroundings, this was usually worn by Stealth Commandos. On his armor he had 4 circular symbols which was of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps..