This is the format so you know how to set up pages.


All page titles should have the name of the creator in parenthesis to avoid confusion if another person has the same name for something else. All pages should have a category for the creator of an article so people can easily find another users creations.

Character PagesEdit

  1. Infobox (Character infobox)
  2. Brief summary about the character
  3. History (What battles he participated in and describe them.)
  4. Personality and Traits section
  5. Armor and Equipment section
  6. Optional-Other section for other important information.
  7. Should have the categories "character", their rank, and whatever type of trooper that clone is if needed (scout trooper, paratrooper etc.).

Clone trooper variants pagesEdit

  1. Infobox (Variant infobox)
  2. Brief Summary about the variant
  3. Optional-History section
  4. Tasks and Jobs section
  5. Armor and Equipment section
  6. Known Units with (the variant) section

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