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Clone trooper Demo was born on Kamino in 32 BBY. He was a heavy weapons specialist and joined Captain Keeli's squad. He rose to the ranks of Sergeant by the time of The Battle of Ryloth. He was seen with a turret with sandbags in front of it mowing down droids. He was seen destroying droids until his forced retreat when the droid army destroyed 2 trenches. Sergeant Demo had to leave his turret behind as he could only bring his DC-15 blaster rifle with him. He, Captain Keeli, and 8 other Troopers were seen making a final stand. The 10 total Troopers made a brave and valiant effort to stop the droids and protect the Twi'leks. Before long though the Troopers were getting killed. In around a minute, it was down to Sergeant Demo, Captain Keeli, and an unidentifiable clone Trooper in a trio that were left. These 3 were the best of the squad. But nevertheless, a droid through a grenade and the grenade landed right in front of the Sergeant. He looked down and lowered his weapon as he knew what was going to happen. The grenade exploded a second later killing Sergeant Demo and the other trooper. The shock blast threw all 3 of their bodies in the air, but Captain Keeli was strong enough to survive after that. All of the Captain Keeli's squad would be killed in the battle.

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