Overview Edit

Auryn Varad was a Mandalorian male who served as a commander of the Mandalorian Super Commandos before switching his alliance. During the Clone Wars, Auryn was hired by the Republic to train clone troopers on-board the Venator Resurrection. He was supposed to be stationed on the ship for 3 years with a very large paycheck, however after the Jedi purge, the clones looked towards him for guidance in the new empire.

Personality Edit

Auryn was a brutal, ruthless, and aggressive Mandalorian. Under the leadership of his new commander, Marshall Zaeca, he seemed to be very focused and to the cause and produced some of the finest clones in the whole Republic. However, some questioned his loyalty to the cause, this also meant his honor was called into question, preventing him from being fully satisfied with his work. Auryn was a fierce and brutal warrior, he took pride in killing the metal enemies that stood before him but without full trust from those around him, he never fully trusted those around him.

Armor & Weapons Edit

The suit of armor that Auryn carries holds the name "Dragorian". Nicknamed for its rough plating, the armor can withstand dozens of blaster shots before weakening. It's composition allows the wearer to move quickly and stay hidden, from those around them. Auryn has used many weapons over the years, however the one he seems to keep returning to is the Relby-V-10 and dual wielding DE-10s.